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Sake and Soul

WHERE :CHIC LOUNGE ~ 214 King Street West

WHEN : December 17th 2010 9pm



Toronto Music Industry

It there a problem with Toronto's music industry, or is there a lack of support? As an artist for over 10 years in Toronto, I have had some success and have met some of the most creative artist you could imagine! Why is this city untapped? Why is it that some of the best artist today have been Canadian? As I venture to launch my album, I have come up with my own method... will I have success? I ask myself that everyday. Though if there is a will... there is a way. I admire artist like Saidah Baba Talibah for she is an artist making her own way as well with her phone Demos and fan support! I believe in the old fashion way of covering the country with a tour and performing town to town like or for example why is Jully Black not an International talent yet? What is really going on in the Toronto industry... What about Divine Brown or Ivana Santili? As an artist coming out what are the odds of crossing borders if the support here is not enough to push our own into the world market. I'm honored to say I'm a Canadian artist but Canadians need to stand up for there own and get behind there hometown talent!!! I believe in Canadian Talent! Do you? If so please copy and paste this, make sure to add your name!

Have a great day!

Natasha Waterman