It's been a LONG ROAD, some of you may know me from the days of "NATURE" when rappin' was my thang... Well the natural revolution of NATASHA WATERMAN has been steadily changing and evolving, it seems that music is the only language I speak. Being honest I have always had issues excepting anything less then perfection and it's vain of me to put my expectations so high... with this being said I have had insecurity issues with my music and who I am! Thank GOD, I have found a new vibe and trust in being! Now I am working towards freedom, release and acceptance of expression! lol So I'm blogging today because part of being, is sharing! I have a new love for a song called SAFETY FIRST it's dated and yet current at the same time with a touch of classic tones and light crisps of soul! It started with "DOC" we were writing a song for Leona Lewis and it ended up giving us a new direction. I'm excited about my new musical journey... I've never been in love so much with music as I am right now! Please enjoy the journey with me. Stayed tune for new and exciting music!

Shows coming up

DeceMber 4th 2010
The Aroni Awards
Arcadian Court Bay St.
Tickets $60 includes dinner

DeceMber 5th 2010
Orchestra Septa
Macedonia Cultrual Centre
Tickets $30


Jus Randy f/ Natasha Waterman – LuvHate (Prod. Gameboy) | The Real Frequency

Jus Randy f/ Natasha Waterman – LuvHate (Prod. Gameboy) | The Real Frequency

Part 1 Intimate and Personal

Well as a singer songwriter of now 15 plus years, I have the experience to share my views and experiences with you. I always say if you don't love what you do, well then stop wasting time and figure out what it is you should be putting your efforts towards. Maybe the fact that my life was different from many, yet similar to some, my choices came quickly with the narrowing time ahead of me at 18. I was pregnant and had a huge responsibility to prepare for. Fresh out of grade 12 with still 4 credits left to finish I saw my life through different eyes then that of an 18 year old who was looking to travel and experience life. I was 18 engaged to marry, was expecting a child, living on my own as I had from the age of 16. Though now I had to grow up and REAL FAST! August rolled around and I gave birth to my Daughter Revee (Dream in French) Decisions had to be made. Do I go back to school and finish? Get OSAP to pay? Can I pay them back? Geeze... do I know what I want to do? Yes I wanted to sing as I had for the past 3 years. I realized that I needed to do what I always dreamed, an show my daughter, she too could be anything she wanted. The story is quite long and only gets more interesting from here, but I'll come back and touch on that another time. ( Sorry for the ramble but you had to understand the mind frame here)
So back to music. I started to focus on doing what I loved... Music. For me it was always therapy through out my life, some say I'm a jack of all trades but I really believe " Do what you have to, to do what you love" if that means you need to down size your home, or work 2 part times and go to school, work as a hairdresser and make up artist to pay the bills... so be it. The point is work towards doing what you love. I was an artist and wrote song after song and show after show but was like, how do I get my music to the world? I wanted to be big! Yet had no clue of the industry. I had seen the Industry change rapidly while I was looking for my pot of gold, so getting to know the industry as it was changing in front of me was even more challenging. So what did I do you ask? Well I got a manager to bring me to the next level. Ha ha, well he help to shape my mind frame and helped me grow as an artist but this Industry was so much bigger than all that. So what happened was I started to write with other people and got my name out in Toronto through working with the right industry folks but Canada is one tough market. As my name was mentioned in conversations, opportunities started to come in like residual payments. So it was 2004 and Next thing I had done a collaboration with Shaun Boothe ( Rikoshay ) which was really suppose to be an album track. Next thing I hear it's gonna be released as a single, I thought Great! At the same time Canadian Idol was kicking off on it's 2nd year and I, yes little ol me had my chance to write in the camp. Thanks to my manager at the time who made sure I had my paper work and 500 dollars in. What an experience and I ended up landing 3 songs on Kalan Porters album. So I was thinking at this time, Wow this is it!!! lol it's just a matter of time. So long story I ended up continuing to write with other writers and the vibe for my album was created. BMG and Universal were both interested, BMG had offered a Development deal and Universal saw my vision. Only problem was I was starting to see how the labels were crumbling and saw my project getting held up ( an artist worse nightmare ) and possibly being used as a tax write off. So I bailed on the idea and kept it moving. Yes some would think are you crazy .... so on and so forth. Truly I seen that this was not in anyone's real interest as it was of mine.
So Now it was time to get the album done... thanks to factor and the grant process, the project got the funding. Along came many changes, I no longer had a manager due to unfortunate circumstances and I had to pick up the pieces. If you have read this far than I will give you the next part. Just comment and let me know I have caught your attention.


In the mix and on the grind!

We are always stretching our hands out for more and trying to keep up with the flow of traffic. Like most I've been a buzzy bee. What's next for me is Some shows which you can see the live blog on to get all the goods. I'm most excited though about heading to my family's state of Virginia May 1st to 10th. I have some weddings again this year that I'll be singing at as well... It's been a push and I've been working this project myself, so paper work has been slowing me down from getting the single to radio. I'm gonna keep pushing and I'm excited about getting my music out there. Please keep checking in from time to time, I will be blogging more now. I'm currently having the single remixed as well so the party people get to hear it to! Ciao for now I'm heading to sing at a wedding with a cello quartet... I'm hoping I can get the footage and share it with you. Keep smiling and "Do what you have to, to do what you love!!"