In the mix and on the grind!

We are always stretching our hands out for more and trying to keep up with the flow of traffic. Like most I've been a buzzy bee. What's next for me is Some shows which you can see the live blog on to get all the goods. I'm most excited though about heading to my family's state of Virginia May 1st to 10th. I have some weddings again this year that I'll be singing at as well... It's been a push and I've been working this project myself, so paper work has been slowing me down from getting the single to radio. I'm gonna keep pushing and I'm excited about getting my music out there. Please keep checking in from time to time, I will be blogging more now. I'm currently having the single remixed as well so the party people get to hear it to! Ciao for now I'm heading to sing at a wedding with a cello quartet... I'm hoping I can get the footage and share it with you. Keep smiling and "Do what you have to, to do what you love!!"