It's been a LONG ROAD, some of you may know me from the days of "NATURE" when rappin' was my thang... Well the natural revolution of NATASHA WATERMAN has been steadily changing and evolving, it seems that music is the only language I speak. Being honest I have always had issues excepting anything less then perfection and it's vain of me to put my expectations so high... with this being said I have had insecurity issues with my music and who I am! Thank GOD, I have found a new vibe and trust in being! Now I am working towards freedom, release and acceptance of expression! lol So I'm blogging today because part of being, is sharing! I have a new love for a song called SAFETY FIRST it's dated and yet current at the same time with a touch of classic tones and light crisps of soul! It started with "DOC" we were writing a song for Leona Lewis and it ended up giving us a new direction. I'm excited about my new musical journey... I've never been in love so much with music as I am right now! Please enjoy the journey with me. Stayed tune for new and exciting music!

Shows coming up

DeceMber 4th 2010
The Aroni Awards
Arcadian Court Bay St.
Tickets $60 includes dinner

DeceMber 5th 2010
Orchestra Septa
Macedonia Cultrual Centre
Tickets $30