Intrigued he was, by the style, the feel,
the comfort,the warmth that hugged him just right
and the support he got no matter his destination.
He had many, where there were some with out
He abused them too, not even a second thought of what he put them thru
Now that they were old, he forgot how he loved them new
Now that they were old ,they were no good
Now that they were old, Well...he misunderstood
That thru all the dirt and shit he put them thru...
They lasted longer and were much stronger than
His new pair of shoes!

Natasha Waterman


Testing Times

Without a dout we have all had testing times. Thought the question is why do you continue to strive? Survival, drive, passion or loyalty? We all have our reasons but some of us quit while others find the strength to face the hard times. 

I say this from the heart, I'm being tested. I've worked at music for 2/3 of my life and it's "All I've ever known" As the industry changes and I'm faced with changes in both business and music. I find my myself exhausted, confused and challenged with my circumstances. 

Will I fold? Is it time to give in? I start questioning my talent and strength. I start over thinking and feeling lost about who I am. Like a relationship this love has become a rollercoaster, up and then down. Wow the emotions can be so overwhelming at times. I know it's gonna be a "Long Road" and thought it's" deep waters" can drowned me I stay reluctant to give in. 

My "confession"is that, I don't know where I'm going, I can plan, work hard but God can only lead the way. I use to believe that I could steer my own boat but triumphs and tribulations are only stones in my path to my destiny!! " Where the ocean meets the sky" is the place I long to be. "The End" the place where are dreams are fulfilled, our ambitions are met, our goals are achieved. Though at times giving up would be easier, the hike through the hills and the journey across... would all be missed. 

I will conclude that I feel much better getting this off my chest, though the feeling will remain and I'll have "fallen" in and out of love with him many times again. This is the life you choose to live when you choose to live for what you love!!!


Do what you have to, to do what you love!!

You might be working in the field you love,  if so that's fantastic. Although, almost 85% of people are not in their desired field. I believe that if you are one of these individuals you need to creatively find the time to invest in your talent. 

Too many people get caught up in working the treadmill.... going and going NOWHERE! You wake up wishing you could stay in bed and thinking of how much you hate your job... But you have to pay the bills.  

Ask your self how can I creatively tune into my talent. Everyone has one... Some are great at making money, making clothes or it could be your great at organizing.  No matter what it is, you have a talent. 

Once you have figured out what your good at. You need to capitalize on that. So now you have your day job and your craft that is allowing your creative juices to flow. 

My talent is song writing and singing but I also enjoy trying anything that is new and exciting.   really I believe that once you find your creative side you can eventually make it your 9-5 and own your own business.  

The more creative ways you find to save money is the more money you will eventually make. Network with people that can help you and you can help them. Yes you have to invest money but you'll make a profit along with the control of your own growth. 



Fact or Fiction

I often have friends ask me about the basic tips of dating so here is my view... Please feel free to add or debate any of the following

Ladies here it is in writing ...

1. Don't rush in to fast... He/ she will think your to anxious or in need of a relationship. ( no one likes someone that is to needy) People, know your worth first then he/ she will know your worth, vice versa.
2. Don't read in to things, assuming is the worst thing you can do. Ask questions and get to know the person first.  
3. Do not have expectations that exceed your own expectations for yourself. Nothing is for certain enjoy the ride.
4. Do not play phone games, if he/she want to call do so. If you start off playing games you'll continue to play them through out.
5. Men, always mean what you say and say what you mean! Your word is key
6. Ladies, when you get that voice in your head that say's something doesn't feel right here...Listen.

Please feel free to add